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Event time: among others events
Location of the event: Wine houses
An introductory event announcing all the wine events in the city. The goal of the event is to attract as many visitors as possible and announce the next wine event to come. The cellars of Kutjevo winemakers open their doors that night. An ideal opportunity to experience the wine story, get acquainted with the tradition of each winemaker and taste his best wines. The event starts from 18.00 until midnight. Visitors are received in the cellars every full hour.


Event time: January
Location of the event: Graševina Square
A traditional folk festival in honor of the St. Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers, with whom the winegrowers of the Kutjevo region have been marking the beginning of pruning vines in their vineyards for centuries. Visitors to the unique Graševina Square, in addition to a rich gastronomic and wine offer, and a fair of tourist entities, can grill a traditional Vincelovo stick on Vincelov's fire, which is decorated with delicious sausages, onions and meat specialties. Along with traditional tamburitza music, there is an opportunity to taste the finest varieties of wine from the Kutjevo region.


Event time: June
Location of the event: Graševina Square
The manifestation of Graševina - the queen of wine, which combines music and wine, brings together wine producers, fans of tamburitza music and many other guests. The rich program also includes the famous tractor race - a tractor race, from old-timers to modern tractors. Visitors can enjoy the fun until late at night celebrating Graševina, participating in creative quizzes and programs, and a rich gastronomic offer.


Event time: September 8th
Location of the event: Graševina Square, Church of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary
On the occasion of the City Day, the City of Kutjevo presents to the citizens and visitors theatrical performances, performances and musical evenings, as well as special football matches and the finals of everything, concert events. On that day, the City of Kutjevo also celebrates the feast of Our Lady, the patron saint of the city of Kutjevo, with solemn masses. After the arrival of a large number of pilgrims to the Parish Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a procession and Holy Mass follow.


Event time: November
Location of the event: Graševina Square, mountaineering route Krndija

Traditional and specific tourist event on the occasion of St. Martin, which gathers a large number of hikers and excursionists. The program is designed so that hikers and excursionists have about 3 hours of walking through the Krndija mountains and the wine roads of the Kutjevo vineyards.

After that, everyone comes to Graševina Square where the baptism of wine must ceremony continues, an entertainment program with several tamburitza groups and soloists performing traditional wine songs, tastings of young wines from the Kutjevo vineyards, and a rich gastronomic offer of Slavonia.


Event time: end of December
Location of the event: Graševina Square

Advent in Kutjevo - a manifestation in anticipation of Christmas. The aromas of cinnamon, gingerbread, mulled wine and hot chocolate spread through Graševina Square. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the Christmas handicraft fair and tourist entities.

Along with the Christmas tree, Santa Claus takes care of the entertainment program and giving presents to the little ones. Christmas carols and tambouritza are an indispensable sugar at the end of this wonderful event. Love and warmth is felt in the hearts of all the locals that day.